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SAFE Ministry is a believer in the power of prayer. It would be an honor for us to lift you up in prayer. Our ministry will pray for you with minimal personal information.  Below you will find the email address where you can send your prayer requests.

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You contact us for any additional information:

SAFE Ministry, Inc.
PO Box 720813
Oklahoma City, OK  73172



Provisions for SAFE Ministry are contributions given by those interested in assisting people suffering from the sadness of sex addiction. Those funds are used to reach families touched by sex addiction through many avenues. These gifts are gratefully embraced by the ministry. Stewardship of the dollars contributed is taken very seriously. Some of the uses of monetary gifts are:

  • Day to day running of the ministry
  • Production of resources
  • Website
  • Speaking engagements
  • Seminars ministering to families touched by sex addiction
  • Assisting with small group work

The goal of the SAFE Ministry is to provide the emotional support, hope and the possibility of living in recovery from the grips of sex addiction. This ministry would appreciate any gift you feel you would like to give. If you have any questions please contact

Speaking Engagement

You can request Vonna Lovett to speak at your event, or inquire about her speaking, by choosing the appropriate box in the contact form. SAFE Ministry will contact you as you have requested on the form with information and to receive further event information.