SAFE Ministry, Inc.

A Christian ministry dedicated to providing interactive products, support group network, conferences, and services for families impacted by an addict and their behavior.

Dynamic Speaker

Contact us for speaking engagement information and scheduling. Vonna Lovett, author, is available for a variety of settings to present reality, truth, and hope when faced with sex addiction with family members, friends, and associates. Hope is a driving force in Vonna’s speaking. Working with people is a passion of this author and ministry founder, leading her to desire to help those touched by sex addiction which is only one of the struggles in our lives. Information is found on the contact page to communicate with us about Vonna speaking to address your group’s particular need.

Vision Statement

SAFE’s vision is meeting the needs of families searching for Christian resources in the wake of the disease.

Tell Us Your Story

Everyone has an important story and worthy of telling. It is worth sharing because it is YOUR story. At SAFE Ministry we want to hear from you when you feel you want to convey your story dealing with the disease of sex addiction. How it has affected your life is a story we would be honored to read. There will be many who will relate and give support through the shared story.

On the contact page there is a section for you to share your story as you desire. You do not have to be an author, eloquent, or an expert! Acceptance of your thoughts and story will be found in our ministry. We look forward to hearing from you.


Enjoy our monthly newsletter postings for more inspiration. Finding thoughts of inspiration can be extremely hard when we are surrounded by uncertainty and turmoil. Allowing others to offer thoughts of hope, love, and God’s faithfulness can be just what will serve as a form of aid and courage. Join many each month as we try to offer a Godly perspective on a sad problem in our world. We welcome your time with us!

Amazing Hope – My Story

“How did I get here?” “What do I do with this devastating news?” “Where do I turn for information to help with what is looming over my family?” “Who can I trust to not reject me and my family when they find out the secrets we have just learned about the member of our family who is a sex addict?” “Where is God?”

Questions and feelings rushing to overcome a wife and mother seemed to be continual. A home centered in Christ and sharing His love with people was how this family was viewed. Now the husband and father of this happy, loving family was facing the lies and dual life he had lived for over thirty years. In time this mother and her two daughters would come to know that this betrayal would also be faced by them in a very life changing manner.

How could this possibly ever work out to return this Christian family to a “normal” life? Rocky paths at a steep incline led to places very unfamiliar and would keep hope at arms length. Hope is amazing and is seen through this story of betrayal.

Click here to learn more about my story.